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With Black Friday upon us, we’re looking at ways in which retailers can capitalise on the bargain-hunting crowds that flock to stores across the country,

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CJ Retail Solutions Team at IFA Expo, Berlin

A team from CJRS will be attending the IFA expo in Berlin 1-6 September. If you are attending or visiting we'd love to meet up for a coffee and a chat, please click here to arrange a meeting - see you there!

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Game, set & match - The key to winning with seasonal POS

The retail calendar annually throws up seasonal events that prove to be excellent additional revenue streams for retailers – if executed in the right manner.

From Christmas, to Black Friday, ‘back to school’, to Easter weekend, these occasions offer great scope for retailers to piggyback on events at the forefront of shopper’s minds.

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Euroshop 2017 is coming soon!

We’re gearing up for this years Euroshop, 5-9 March 2017 in Dusseldorf Germany, where all of the latest retail innovations will be on show. Our love for all things in-store means a busy few days, but one area of focus that we’ll be keen to visit is where digital signage promotes visual marketing, the move from retailers addressing consumers at the shop window or at the point of sale with posters and displays is evolving significantly.


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Going Interactive - Top POS tips for UK car dealerships

With the news that UK car registrations grew by 2.9 per cent in November, the automotive industry certainly seems to be in a healthy state. 2015 was heralded as a record-breaking year for cars sales, with 88.5 billion vehicles sold across the UK.

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Boots Beauty Emporium & Christmas In-store Installation Project 2016

Watch a timelapse video of this years Christmas 2016 In-store Installation and se how the magic comes together. Watch here

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Optimising in-store data is more than just a numbers game

Data. Everyone involved in retail decision-making seemingly wants more of it. In fact, there isn’t a day that goes by without yet another report proclaiming big data as an absolute necessity for business success. Loyalty cards, EPOS systems and online analytics – big data is everywhere. But does it really do anyone any good?


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Why more retailers should fly the flagship standard in all stores

Are the days of large multiple retailers rolling out the same store format everywhere finally numbered? The current plight of grocery retailers would certainly seem to suggest so.



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Retail activations in the EMEA region? Avoid brand travel sickness

For UK retailers and brands, keeping standards of in-store campaign activation consistent and maintaining compliance can be a difficult task, let alone trying to do so across international borders.


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Power to the Car Buyer

Pre-orders for Tesla's Model 3 – its lowest cost vehicle to date - began last month in stores around the world. In the first three hours, roughly 133,000 pre-orders had been placed.
While Tesla’s latest electric vehicle was unveiled to huge fanfare, the actual process of buying a car has changed little in the hundred or so years since the first Model T rolled off Ford’s production line in 1908.


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The team at CJ Retail Solutions were crowned victorious at this year’s POPAI Awards in London after taking home Gold in the ‘installation’ category. - watch our video to find out more!

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Runcorn-based team complete military hike for charity

A team from Runcorn-based company, CJ Retail Solutions, have completed the Cateran Yomp, to raise money for ABF The Soldiers Charity – The National Charity of the British Army.

First held in 2011, the Cateran Yomp is a long-distance, 24-hour hike through the Highlands of Perthshire, Scotland. The event, which occurred over the weekend of the 10-11 June, is organised by ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, with this year seeing a record-breaking 1,150 people taking part.

 CJ Retail Solutions’ staff members, Colin Chapman, Joanna Johnson, Ian Keegan, Tom Lagan and Tara Barrett all achieved silver medals after completing at least 36.5 miles, with Steve Barrett awarded a gold medal after finishing the full 54-mile course. They were aided by Amanda Judge and Sherrie Root, who acted as their support team throughout the weekend, transporting equipment and providing encouragement at checkpoints.

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Consumer Electronics - the art of interacting with your customers

The consumer electronics industry is big business with a revenue of £9 billion (IBIS). So, with this in mind, just how well are the retailers managing in-store communications to the savviest consumers?

A recent study by POPAI focused on the in-store experience in consumer electronics stores and identifies that shoppers are demanding a greater in-store experience. Their desire for products with better functionality has resulted in an obvious shift from standard FSDU’s to digital experience displays, whilst ensuring an omnichannel approach is maintained, but also offering huge opportunities to upsell with secondary sited products.

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Electrifying the E-Car Market through Digital Signage

It is fair to say that one of the most common barriers cited by consumers against the widespread adoption of the electric vehicle has been distance and charge point issues. While some e-vehicles, most notably Tesla’s high-end Roadster, can travel a staggering 200 miles from a single charge, others, such as the more humble Renault ZOE, can only manage half this distance.

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Cash in on Black Friday

Black Friday is now recognised as a key trading event in the retail calendar, with shoppers spending more than £3.3 billion over the bumper shopping weekend in 2015.

While the long-term benefit of this revenue is less than clear, with many of the sales being dragged forward from Christmas and margins suffering significantly, it is apparent that every retailer needs a plan in place - even if their strategy is to ignore the day entirely.

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Build it and they will come...

Last week, FIFA 17 – the must have football game on the videogame market – surpassed itself with a record breaking launch that sold over 1.1 million units in the UK.

With a launch of this magnitude, it’s not unusual to see a number of fans camping overnight at stores across the UK, wanting to get their hands on the latest release at the first possible opportunity. With this in mind, it’s critical that the POS is in place and well stocked for when the doors open.



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Open All Hours

Twenty years since retail trading laws were last altered, the government has announced that they are to be liberalised. Frankly, we can’t believe it’s taken so long.


Whilst some will argue the case for protecting Sundays from commercialism, existing laws are, in reality, nothing short of archaic and out of kilter with the modern world that we live in.



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Seeds of in-store success

South London was in bloom last week as the RHS Chelsea Flower Show once again opened its doors to the public. It’s a clear sign that summer’s fast approaching, as many of us now turn attention towards our gardens. Of course, for the truly green-fingered amongst us the hard work started long ago. For everyone else, May marks the start of frantic work to ensure our outdoor spaces are perfectly presented during the warmer months – planting, pruning, and making the inevitable trips to our local garden centre.



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The Global Challenges To Delivering Retail Solutions

Store installations involve the movement of a large volume of physical infrastructure that requires warehousing, storage and transportation in each country. This can be problematic, partly because with such a transient, short-term requirement, it can be hard to find a willing and cost-effective supplier, but also because in some countries, it is very difficult to source reliable and effective service providers. Complex, multinational projects clearly have their challenges, which is why it is key that an experienced team provides efficient project management to ensure deadlines, budgets and other key deliverables are met.

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The Changing Face of Health and Beauty Retail

Over the past decade, blogs and social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube have radically changed the way people shop for health and beauty products. From reviews to video tutorials encouraging people to experiment with their hair or make-up, these online communities are now a major influence on sales.

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CJ Retail Solutions to exhibit at Europe's leading event for retail innovation

The Retail Design Expo is Europe’s leading annual event for innovation and inspiration in Retail Design, Marketing, Visual Merchandising & Shopfitting from around the world.

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CJ Retail Solutions help Boots have a cracking Christmas

During the festive season, retailers are always looking for ways in which to help them stand out from the Christmas crowd.

For the 3rd year running, we have worked with Boots in order to increase footfall and sales with an innovative, attractive POS concept making the best use of space and customer flow within across its estate.

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Car Dealerships Encouraged To 'Up' Digital Offering In New Report

A recently published report has revealed that many car dealerships are not utilising digital POS tools to their full potential.

Compiled by retail display experts CJ Retail Solutions, the report lifts the lid on customer engagement in the showroom environment, which is increasingly moving away from the traditional ‘car lot’ layout.

However, there was clear evidence of a drive for a more ‘design led’ environment among some car dealerships, in what is stated as a huge step forward for the automotive industry.

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Discounters begin to value POS more highly

The challenge from discounters to the dominance of the big four grocery retailers has been well documented. Whilst the discounters’ star continues to rise, like-for-like sales across the big chains continue to fall and so do prices.


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Push for greater compliance hots up

Confused about how well you’re really managing in-store compliance? You’re not alone. CJ Retail Solutions helps to give you the lowdown on why it matters.
Over the years, brands have routinely grappled with in-store campaigns that deliver fewer than expected sales. In an attempt to up their game, eyes turned toward investing huge sums in insights to better understand what shoppers want. Yet many have still failed to capitalise on what, arguably, is one of the easiest targets in town – compliance.


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In-store manifesto – why those investing in training should get your vote

As April approaches, the General Election looms ever nearer. Once again political parties, Westminster candidates, and monster raving loonies et al will all be looking to take their policies straight to the people in the coming weeks. And come election night, millions of us will simultaneously be out in force, across the country, to cast our votes.


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