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What it takes to deliver an award winning Christmas Display

 For customers, the transition must be seamless so as not to interrupt any opportunities for snapping up Christmas presents. But what seems effortless to customers is often a mammoth task for stores, especially chains that need to ensure all outlets follow compliance procedures and maintain consistency.

We recently attended the FMBX awards ceremony in London where we won an award for Operational Success for our work with. Within the time frame of five consecutive nights, we set about providing 321 Boots stores with furniture and displays for premium brands.

It’s fair to say, it was quite a task. Nevertheless, we pulled it off without a hitch.

Here are our ingredients for the perfect Christmas installation:

170 Artic vehicles.

800 picking hours at regional depots.

3,989 pallets dispatched and received.

635 project manager hours.

5,760 installation hours.

188 tonnes of furniture carried, sited and built.

30 miles of cable connected.

2,414 individual display wardrobes fitted and dressed.

124 CJ Retail Solutions personnel.

2,499 Christmas trees.

80 tonnes of steel.

75,000 magnets.

350kg of glitter.

And that’s how you make sure your Christmas goes off with a POP…all in five nights!