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Audi Corporate Identity Change

German car manufacturer Audi set us the challenge of helping enhance its modern and progressive brand image. This consisted of updating POS units in 130 showrooms over a four- week period, with an environmentally friendly focus on recycling or reusing old retail display items where possible.

100% Compliance
4 Weeks
130 Showrooms


Our brief was to improve car merchandising standards with new internal and external signage, comprised of forecourt flags, showroom plates, aftersale literature stands, graphics, pricing units and retail display.

To execute the project, teams worked in full collaboration with Audi. Surplus POS units were removed and recycled; utilising live data capture to identify any existing retail display units that could be reused.


  • Ensure each showroom represents Audi brand values
  • Improve showroom merchandising standards
  • Enforce Corporate Identity compliance model across all showrooms
  • Remove and recycle surplus POS in an environmentally friendly manner


  • 130 showrooms and forecourts visited over 4 week period
  • 2 man teams working in full partnership with Audi including uniforms and approved VW vans
  • Uplift of POS and refresh showrooms with new internal and external signage including forecourt flags, showroom plates, aftersales literature stands, vehicle side stand graphics, poster frames, reception backdrops, approved pricing units
  • Identify old collateral for recycling
  • Deliver consistency across the network of showrooms


Following the implementation of the new signage, a successful corporate identity change was achieved across Audi’s network of showrooms. Fresh car merchandising helped to reflect Audi’s forward-thinking, modern brand identity, presenting clear and concise values for prospective customers.