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We undertake large-scale Retail Maintenance contracts and tactical campaigns for some of the world’s leading brands and retailers.

What do we do?

From huge-scale FMCG brands to hi-tech electronic and digital products, our retail maintenance teams ensure that our clients‘ in-store fixtures and the merchandise they hold are fully operational, working and effectively promoted to maximise all sales opportunities.

Through a combination of proactive and reactive calls, and flexible store scheduling we maximise ROI on any retail maintenance budget.

Below is the kind of work we are undertaking every day 24/7:

  • Preventative Site Visits
  • Reactive/Emergency Site Visits
  • Repair, Replace, Clean
  • Phones, Tablets, TV Maintenance
  • Testers & Samples Replenishment
  • Spares Management
  • PAT Testing
  • Safety Checks
  • Security Device Repair/Replacement
  • POS Refresh
Why partner with us?

It doesn’t matter how much time and effort you have invested in developing an impactful POP display, the reality is that if your fixture is poorly maintained, brand performance will be affected.

Protecting your Brand

If your product isn’t on display or is poorly promoted it won’t sell. We can assist with retail management of your retail estate to not only protect your expensive equipment and units but, as importantly, protect your brand image and equity.

Delivering the Detail

Our retail maintenance & retail management teams are fully trained to undertake specialist work on any product and fixture imaginable. Work such as replacing damaged or lost equipment, repairing interactive and digital display units, replacing bulbs, batteries, cables and security devices as required, updating demos and samples and undertaking PAT testing is commonplace.

Maximising a genuine Return on Investment

The unique way in which we apply a dynamic resource model to our retail maintenance contracts ensures that we are constantly updating our store visit schedules to ensure you are fully maximising your Retail Maintenance budget. For example, priority sites that are regularly visited but are regularly receiving perfect compliance scores can be visited less frequently in favour of more problematic sites without any change in the contract details or budget. This delivers a higher brand performance and product availability without any additional resource or cost.

What are the Benefits?

Here are just some of the benefits our unique approach delivers:

  • Well Maintained Displays Protect Brand Equity
  • Well Maintained Displays Drive Customer Engagement
  • Compliant Displays Drive Incremental Sales
  • Understanding your Estate allows you to:
    • Focus on Non-Compliant Stores
    • Interrogate Factors Driving Sales in Fully Compliant Stores
  • Flexibility to Implement Tactical Programmes
  • Dedicated Teams with Stock Management Skills
  • Flexible site scheduling to where support is most needed
  • Bespoke Solutions