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Store Development: Wickes

Providing support and management for store closure and re-siting to a new location, whilst conducting a stock compliance audit, re-profiling and merchandising activity.

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100% compliance
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10 man teams 9 days
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To provide support for store closure and resiting to new location.


British home improvement retailer Wickes asked us to provide support for a store closure and resite operation.

To achieve this, a retail stock compliance audit was first undertaken, with items palletised for removal, along with fixtures and low-level shelving.

All retail merchandising was then profiled and laid out according to a strict planogram. Crosschecks were carried out against the stock compliance audit, with work carried out across a variety of product categories by ten-man teams across nine days.

  • Count and log all stock and palletise for removal
  • Support the removal of fixture ancillaries and all low level shelving
  • Merchandise all internal and external planogram layouts
  • Profile shelves as per planogram
  • Clean the fixture
  • Operate fork lift trucks
  • Work across all product categories


10 man team for 9 days. The result was a successful resite project with 100 per cent compliance achieved

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