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Retail Audits and Site Surveys

Industry leading retail audits and site surveys

Retail Audits that Enhance Brand Impact

Our tailored and in-depth retail audits and site surveys provide information at a microscopic level regarding what is happening with your brands. In order to maximise the value of retail marketing activity, it’s essential to understand what is happening in-store, specifically for on-shelf availability and promotional compliance. 

From shelf to basket, your needs are what matter most to us, and we can help improve the delivery of your brand identity to your consumers.

We’re the Eyes and Ears for the Information You Need

Analysing the results of our retail audits will help you develop an ongoing awareness of the operational delivery of your brand’s identity to the world. 

We use fully bespoke questionnaires to capture the data required for immediate or long-term planning and decision-making for your business. The insights generated will ensure that you are following corporate identity standards with facilities that are in line with your requirements.

Site Surveys for You

No matter how large or small, extensive real estates require ongoing monitoring and controlling to ensure compliance with best retail practices to boost your brand over competitors.

With over 20 years of combined experience with industry-leading technology and a passion for delivering business success, our extensive site surveys enhance the meaning of retail asset management.

Retail Asset Management at its Finest

Our site surveys offer the best in retail asset management. We can help you optimise fixtures and display content, allowing you to develop each store within your portfolio to maximum operational effectiveness. 

The Benefits of Using Our Retail Audits and Site Surveys

  • Visibility and insight to make better business decisions
  • Accurate MI about your estate size and make-up
  • Facilitates more efficient POS displays
  • Facilitates more efficient equipment ordering & stock control
  • Benchmarking
  • New product distribution points
  • Planogram accuracy checks
  • Franchisee assessment against brand standards
  • Physical attributes
  • Customer service levels

CJ Retail Solutions are Here to Help

Have we caught your eye? If you’re looking for retail audits or site surveys for your brand, you’ve come to the right place. We want to know your needs bit by bit and point by point so that we can provide the perfect solution so please get in touch.