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Retail Reporting

“Innovatively Supporting our People, our Projects and our Clients”

Good enough is, quite simply, not good enough. We know that our people are the best there are, so by giving them the best tools possible we can deliver outstanding service to our clients. To meet this challenge we developed a pioneering in-house data-management system, POPsysPRO®.

POPsysPRO™ is the platform that brings together our planning and reporting tools that ensure we achieve all your goals, and our own.

Prelude is our in-house project management tool. Retail solutions is a complicated industry and no off-the-shelf offering is able to flex to our varying needs as we want. By using Prelude, linked to our ground breaking Client Portal, our project management teams can exchange information and planning updates with clients, warehouse and field teams, instantly.

Our in-house designed warehouse management and stock inventory tool. Enabling us to manage stock located in multiple locations across the UK, from distribution centre to the back of a van, we know where millions of separate items are, precisely, at any time.

POPsysApp, the proprietary app developed by CJ Tech, enables our field operatives to advise you, and us, the moment they’ve completed a task. Report completion, photos and store manager signatures are all collected and uploaded and can be seen in real-time on the Client Portal.

And finally, the Client Portal. This is your virtual window on the real world of any in-store activity happening on your behalf by CJ Retail Solutions. As all our IT development is carried out in house your reporting needs can be quickly tailored to your individual project requirements. Because we don’t out-source our IT development, our in-house CJ Tech team can help get the project rapidly underway.

Like it? We thought so. In fact, we’re told that this facility gives a sense of project control to our clients that they are unable to achieve elsewhere. This control enables you to instigate change, improve efficiencies and plan future programmes with full confidence of timelines and results.