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Design Intelligence

Having worked with various brands and industries, we have gained 26 years of expertise when it comes to the installation and maintenance of retail display and signage. Not only this, but we understand how the design and manufacturing of valuable assets can become inefficient and uneconomic if the small details haven’t been considered during the planning process.

This is where our industry-leading design intelligence comes in.

Where does Design Intelligence Fit in?

By involving CJ Retail Solutions at the earliest stages of your in-store marketing plan, we can help to ensure optimum design and manufacturing profiles for your in-store displays through our design intelligence

We strive to deliver optimum results, efficiencies and ultimately save you time and money on whatever project you need. It’s as simple as that. Every project we undertake is done in line with all compliance objectives to ensure your in-store marketing campaigns are delivered on time and on budget, to maximise your brand and consumer connections.

Design intelligence flow diagram

What are the Benefits?

  • Completely fit for purpose design and manufacture 
  • Installation efficiencies 
  • Time-saving 
  • Cost savings 
  • Logistic efficiencies 
  • Efficiencies of removal and recycling 
  • Global partner network for all your design and manufacturing requirements

Design Intelligence Specialists

At CJ Retail Solutions, our partner network has been built over 26 years and we ensure all partners are vetted and delivered on time and in full. Integrity is at the heart of our partnerships and everything we do. 

That is why we pride ourselves on delivering a true end-to-end solution, making your projects simple, agile and extremely cost-effective. Contact us today and we’ll get the ball rolling on your in-store marketing project. 

Alternatively, you can download our brochure if you want to find out more about our services.