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CJ Tech: Our Industry-Leading Data Management System

Good enough is, quite simply, not good enough. We know that our people are the best there are, so by giving them the best tools possible we can deliver outstanding service to our clients. To meet this challenge, we have developed our own pioneering in-house data management system. Whether it’s retail display installation or print and signage, we understand that retail solutions can be a complicated industry. 

No off-the-shelf offering is able to flex to our varying needs as we want. And through our data management system, we have complete visibility of stock located in multiple locations across the UK – from the distribution centre to the back of a van, we know where your items are, precisely, at any time.

What is Data Management?

Data management is the process of collating, keeping and using data securely, efficiently and in a manner that is cost-effective. The goal of our data management system is to help you optimize this use of knowledge within the bounds of regulation to help you make decisions and take actions that maximize the benefit of your project.

Why Data Management is Important for Every Project

With CJ Tech, we offer unprecedented visibility and efficiency of your campaign no matter where you are. Our data management system helps our operatives and engineers to report on the job progress effectively. This information is then immediately available to you through our portal, providing you with full transparency of your projects.

Through this portal, you are able to view the current progress on your project, from project planning all the way to field operation. This is your virtual window to any in-store activity happening through the CJ Tech data management system

Real-time Reporting with Complete Transparency

Every element of CJ Tech is designed to ensure that you know exactly what’s happening with your project in real-time, 24/7. As all of our IT development is carried out in-house, reporting needs can be quickly tailored to your requirements, which means that we can get your projects started quickly and efficiently. 

Here are some other examples of how our tool for project management benefits retail solutions:

Compliance Auditing

You can view live store data by category or department with the added ability to track return on investment.


We conduct online questionnaires and supply live data from these surveys in real-time.

Heat Mapping

Visually demonstrate common ranges of data, such as customer flow around a store. Hot spots indicate where customers appear most and vice versa. Heat mapping allows us to ask specific questions about a fixture or product.

CAD Annotation

Using the latest technology, we annotate survey findings directly onto a CAD drawing to represent findings such as out of stock products, missing point of sale (POS) and planogram compliance.

Cost Analysis

We can provide a comprehensive breakdown of spending by channel.

Customisable Reporting

Includes the ability to design and customise your own reports.

Completion Reporting

We capture photographs and electronic signatures to provide evidence of completed projects in real-time, no matter where you are.

Live Inventory Reporting

We can track POS at all times, allowing you to plan better and reduce out of stocks.

Get Your Project Underway with Our CJ Tech

We pride ourselves on our data management system, as it gives you a sense of project control that you are unable to achieve elsewhere. This control enables you to instigate change, improve efficiencies and plan future programmes with full confidence of timelines and results.

Have we caught your eye? Get in touch with us today and help us help you get your retail project underway. It’s as simple as that.