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Contrat de maintenance en magasin avec Samsung

Ongoing Service Contract across multiple Resellers

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Multimedia specialist Samsung requires us to provide an ongoing retail maintenance contract across their entire reseller estate. This consists of 11,600 retail maintenance calls per annum across more than 1200 stores.


To provide ongoing maintenance service contract for Samsung across their entire reseller estate


Both preventative and reactive visits are completed against a strict Service-Level-Agreement (SLA) with the electronics giant, including a secure warehouse and distribution operation synced with live inventory reporting.

Ongoing analysis is provided of each estate’s performance, enabling certain sites to be re-prioritised with a view to maximising budget Return-On-Investment (ROI).

Additionally, real-time job data is fed to a bespoke client portal, with a 24-hour project management helpline assisting with enquiries.

  • 11,600 maintenance calls p.a. across 1200+ stores
  • Preventative & Reactive visits against strict SLAS
  • Secure warehouse and distribution operation – synced with live inventory reporting
  • Ongoing analysis of estate performance enabling site visit re-prioritisation – maximising budget ROI
  • 24 Hour Project Management Helpline
  • Real-time job data fed to bespoke Client Portal


We have achieved full compliance against client objectives to date and a successful ongoing retail maintenance contract.

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