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MoneyGram | Global Signage Installation

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350,000+ Sites
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92 Countries
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Production of signage and print
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MoneyGram required a global signage installation solution for their signage and branding across multiple global retail outlets.


Our activity involves installing all elements of retail signage and branding for Moneygram – which can range from external lightboxes and shop front fascia’s, to vinyl’s and internal POP. Our team often assists with the production of fascia signage and the print of large perforated vinyl’s when required, again in multiple countries across the globe.

MoneyGram’s retail estate covers 92 countries all around the globe, with a total of 350,000 locations – and in 2018 we operated at 99% compliance rate across all jobs completed.

Client Feedback

“All in all we are very pleased with the global signage installation solution provided, the relationship we have built and will continue to build in the future.”

Vendor Manager MGI, Paragon Group

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