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5 benefits of POS displays

A Point of Sale (POS) Display is a marketing tool used by businesses to showcase products and promotions at the point of sale, typically located at the checkout counter or near the entrance of a store. This strategic placement helps to catch customers’ attention and encourages impulse purchases.

  1. The Benefits of a Point of Sale Display: A well-designed Point of Sale Display can significantly boost sales by attracting customers’ attention, promoting new products or special offers, and encouraging impulse purchases. These displays can also help to increase brand awareness and create a more engaging shopping experience for customers.
  2. Designing an Effective Point of Sale Display: To create an effective Point of Sale Display, consider the following design elements:
  • Eye-catching visuals: Use bright colours, bold graphics, and high-quality images to grab customers’ attention.
  • Clear messaging: Ensure that the display’s message is easy to read and understand, highlighting the benefits and features of the product or promotion.
  • Strategic placement: Position the display in a high-traffic area where customers are most likely to see it, such as near the checkout counter or at the store entrance.
  • Interactive elements: Consider incorporating interactive elements, such as samples, demonstrations, or digital displays, to engage customers and encourage them to make a purchase.

Point-of-sale (POS) displays are being utilised by brands to increase their visibility and awareness of services and products. Your offering should be communicated as explicitly as possible across your store in order to capitalise on the investment made and increase revenue. 

A product stands a greater chance of resonating with consumers if it is presented and displayed in a captivating way. Retailers and brands work in conjunction with each other, with retailers aiding brands in their campaigns, and showcasing POP displays on behalf of brands. Do you want to discover more about in-store marketing through a customised point-of-sale display? If so, our blog outlines all the benefits that POS displays can provide for brands and the advantages it brings. 

Types of POS displays


The aim of your campaign will determine what type of POS display could be most effective. Many brands adopt temporary displays, where they are promoting a certain product for a set period of time, hoping to gain the maximum amount of traction and visibility for that product in a short timeframe. Usually adopted for seasonal occasions, like Christmas, they can be highly effective for capturing shoppers in-store.

For permanent products or long-term partnerships with retailers, sizable, impactful displays are often chosen for maximum impact. Designs with flexible, agile features that can be adapted whenever are usually implemented into the product, so retailers are able to change the display to refresh it without much fuss. 

A creative team can help assist with input on a POS display, helping retailers gain the most from their investment as certain designs will work for certain industries. Broadening creative techniques will only serve to benefit the impact of POS displays long-term.

1.Brand Exposure

The customisable elements that POS displays provide mean that brands can adopt flexible and exciting approaches to captivate their customers. Many stores are using interactive POS displays, combining the latest technological developments to showcase products and promotions. 

Enlisting the assistance of a retail solutions company can help you maximise the impact of point-of-sale display stands. Customer expectations have been elevated when it comes to the shopping experience, given the new advances in technology. A retail solutions provider can help design an interactive POS display that will enthral customers, ensuring increased visibility and return on investment. 


2. Build engagement

Engaging with customers both personally and collectively is more important now to reinforce brand loyalty. POS displays can help with this, as you can include features that enable customers to interact or engage with a product. For example, a scannable feature, such as a QR code, gives customers the opportunity to immediately engage with a product or service. 

Directing them to a website or an online space will create a ripple effect. They are then aware of a brand’s online offering in an instant. Providing an online sign-up or a survey for them to partake in will help build rapport and open them up to other areas of a brand away from the store. 

By making a sign-up form as part of a QR code offers, it is a great way to adopt other marketing tools. You can obtain contact details, making future interactions by email much easier. 



Materials used in point-of-sale display stands are durable and long-lasting, so the display will last for a good length of time. If your marketing budget is rather tight, then investing a POP display is a surefire way of a healthy investment. Being resourceful is crucial, and POP displays can offer this. 


POP displays are a cheaper way of advertising your brand, as opposed to other traditional forms of advertising. To make them match exactly with the store, you can either use the same advertising or slogans or just come up with a custom solution. In addition, it’s simpler to target a more pertinent demographic that can be affected right away by your advertising. You may also be able to communicate the message you need through a POP display and be able to save on staff resources in the meantime. 


4.Retail merchandising

Brands often find that retail merchandising can be challenging. As retailers can sometimes struggle to understand a brand, time and space allocated to a brand can be scarce. A POP display helps to negate these factors, so you can dictate exactly how you want your brand displayed and communicated in-store. Retailers then have a clearer picture of what a brand wants, and can accommodate their expectations more effectively. 


5.Flexible locations

POP displays tend to have standout features that attract customers, particularly in large stores, such as supermarkets. Retailers can be clever with how their POP displays are arranged in-store. Capitalise on in-store locations that contain popular products with customers, so customers are attracted to your display when they visit a certain part of the store. POS displays encourage impulse buying, especially if the product sticks out.


CJ Retail Solutions – ASDA Case Study

As a leading retail solutions provider, CJ Retail Solutions were tasked with removing and installing POS displays across ASDA stores. A weekly visit was required to 480 sites nationwide over 52 weeks. The remit assigned was to replace old material with new campaign signage, including trolley bays, vinyls, banners, bollards and barkers. 

Before CJs involvement, compliance execution was low, and brands were demanding refunds for lost sales. We helped to manage the entire process from POS manufacture and installation to the removal of the old POS. With weekly updates, compliance audits were readily available for ASDA to view, with scores for brand, category and site. The results saw a 24% increase in compliance across the Asda estate. 

POP displays at CJ Retail Solutions

As retailers are looking to modernise their customer shopping experience, a captivating POP display can provide just the tonic. A team of professional retail solution specialists can install your display, with an exciting aesthetic that transcends its impact. 

In an era when the competition to grab the attention of consumers is fiercer than ever, POS displays have emerged as a versatile marketing tool for brands. They offer an opportunity for retailers to showcase products and promotions in a captivating and engaging manner, thereby increasing their visibility and enhancing the chances of making a sale.

One of the key advantages of POS displays is their adaptability. Brands can choose from a range of display types, such as temporary and permanent displays, to cater to their specific marketing needs and objectives. Temporary displays, for instance, are ideal for promoting products during seasonal occasions like Christmas, while permanent displays are more suitable for long-term partnerships with retailers.

Another benefit of POS displays is their ability to create a memorable shopping experience for customers. By incorporating interactive elements, such as QR codes and scannable features, brands can engage with shoppers on a personal level and encourage them to explore online offerings. This not only helps to build brand loyalty but also provides an opportunity to collect valuable contact information for future marketing efforts.

Furthermore, POS displays are a cost-effective marketing solution, as they are made from durable and long-lasting materials that can withstand the wear and tear of a busy retail environment. This makes them a more sustainable and budget-friendly alternative to traditional forms of advertising, such as print media and television commercials.

In conclusion, POS displays are a valuable marketing tool for brands looking to increase their visibility, engage with customers, and boost sales in a competitive retail landscape. By working closely with retailers and leveraging the power of interactive technology, brands can create a captivating and memorable shopping experience that drives results and helps them stand out from the crowd.

CJ Retail Solutions have a team of professional POP display installers ready to elevate your in-store experience. Contact us today, and our friendly team will be on hand to guide you through any questions or further information you require.