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Consumer Electronics – the art of interacting with your customers

The consumer electronics industry is big business with a revenue of £9 billion (IBIS). So, with this in mind, just how well are the retailers managing in-store communications to the savviest consumers?

A recent study by POPAI focused on the in-store experience in consumer electronics stores and identifies that shoppers are demanding a greater in-store experience. Their desire for products with better functionality has resulted in an obvious shift from standard FSDU’s to digital experience displays, whilst ensuring an omnichannel approach is maintained, but also offering huge opportunities to upsell with secondary sited products.

The findings showed that 60% of electronics consumers conducted online research of their product of choice prior to even visiting a retail outlet. However, with 52% of consumers then going on to buy that product instore, the importance of getting the multi channel approach right is crucial. Through in-store electronics point of sale promotions and offers, clear product information, ensuring demo models are displayed and functioning, the brand and product identity is maintained.

The research conducted for POPAI’s report highlighted that the entrance area to stores was generally used well, with brands making the most of the prominent position to make the most of consumer electronics POS with FSDU’s, promotional posters and messaging.

The importance of maintaining in-store displays, particularly in the consumer electronics industry is vital. If a product is not on display, it cannot be trialled by the consumer and is unlikely to be purchased. If the product is on display, but the demo mode is not functioning or the device cannot be tested, a poor brand image will be conveyed.

A consumer is seeking reassurance on the product they found online, they want to see it, touch it and test it before buying. Brands and retailers must make sure their in-store displays are properly maintained to deliver that excellent customer experience that results in sales.