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Cash in on Black Friday

Big household names such as ASDA, Next and IKEA have chosen not to take part this year, which alongside news reports that as many as half of all Black Friday deals are not as they seem, is likely to create scepticism amongst consumers.

For those retailers looking to capitalise on the sales and bumper footfall, it is vitally important that instore POS and POP displays are clear and concise in communicating with shoppers which products are in the sale, and the potential savings that can be made. For the day to be a success, displays must instill confidence in the consumer that they are not buying ‘left over’ stock, and that they are in fact getting a bargain.

Temporary POS and POP displays provide the perfect solution for many retailers, as they can quickly be installed overnight to ensure the store is looking pristine and fully stocked ready for shoppers on the Friday morning. The design of the displays doesn’t have to be ground breaking, instead it’s more important to ensure they are functional, easy to replenish and clear in their message.

Footfall levels are expected to be much higher than normal, with another possible rise in year-on-year footfall – last year on the day traffic was up +0.3% on 2014. The shear number of people in stores will also cause wear and tear throughout the day, so ensuring all POS displays are robust in design and built correctly is key to keeping the retail space looking presentable from opening to close.

Consumers will expect it to be busy in-stores on Black Friday, but as online sales grow, ensuring the high street shopping experience is as stress free as possible will be vital if retailers are going to drive traffic into physical stores. The frustration of badly organised products, long queues and poorly displayed offers can be negated with well thought out POS and POP – meaning customers leave with a positive experience, potentially increasing the likelihood of an individual returning to that retailer during future busy sales periods.

The job doesn’t finish at the end of the day, Black Friday branded POS displays will need to be removed and the store put back into its original state before customers hit the shops the following morning. Yes, retailers may want to make the most of the bumper sales day, but it should not be at the detrimental effect of other days.

It will be intriguing to see how Black Friday evolves this year, not only in how popular the sales are with customers, but also if retailers are able to get consumers off their sofas and onto the high street. Retail operators will have been planning this for months, and the success of the in-store POP and POS will be a key factor in determining whether customers will be coming back for more.