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Designing Retail Spaces for Success: Tips for Effective Visual Merchandising

Using visual merchandising is an effective way to improve and increase your sales by tempting your
customers to buy your products. Visual merchandising is all about using the space within your store
to maximise potential sales.

Visual Merchandising in 2023

In 2023 visual merchandising is much more than brightly coloured signs and shop window mannequins. Modern visual merchandising is the use of technology, arts and science combined to achieve maximum effect and enhance the customer experience.

Here we will look at some hints and tips for ensuring your visual merchandising reaches its full

Showcase products that your customers want not need

Customers will enter your store on many occasions knowing what they need to purchase
which is why many will enter the store in the first place. By showcasing products that will
appeal to customers wants will spark a connection with your customer and hopefully mean
they will then not only want, but they will need the product that you are displaying.
By using visual displays that entice your customers and put your product in the forefront of
your mind you will hopefully then engage the customer to purchase the product.

Make a good first Impression

We always advise to make the most of your store entrance, this is the first thing that your
customers will see. Use your store entrance to engage your customer from the start showing
off the products you really want to promote.

Utilise technology

Customers in this modern era love technology so why not utilise this when displaying your
products. Using visual presentations digitally including interactive videos, virtual reality, QR
codes, and Virtual reality all make for a more interesting and enticing shopping experience
for your customer meaning that sales will more than likely increase.

Seize on impulsive buyers

Using visual merchandising will help to increase impulse buys. Placing your products in the right place to grab the attention of the shopper will in turn help to increase sales.

The most important thing to remember when thinking of retail visual merchandising to make
sure that you engage your customer which will encourage purchases. Using visual merchandising correctly will help to convert shoppers into buyers.

If you want to find out more about visual merchandising and how we can help you to
increase your sales contact the experts here at CJ Retail for more information.