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How to boost Your Retail Sales Tips and Strategies for in store displays

As cost of living increases, leaving less disposable income for many consumers, this has a trickle down affect into retail, and we’re beginning to see reductions in consumer spending in the retail sector. All businesses especially in retail are looking for inventive ways to retain steady revenue at this time and keep the doors open. Here we will look at some tips and strategies that are proven to increase footfall, and will help you to turn increased footfall into sales and therefore in turn increased profit for your business.

Signage and displays

One of the most important ways of ensuring that customers are aware of your products is by using signage and displays that attract your audience to the products that you are selling. It is thought that using prominent displays can increase your sales by at least 10%.

Using bright colours on signs that will ensure customers recognise as part of your company will help to ensure that your brand is imprinted onto a potential customers mind, and they will think of your business when it comes to your brand colours and look of the signage that you use.

Using effective signage and displays will also, it goes without saying, ensure that your customers will know what you have on sale and your products will be out there for them to see which can only be a positive thing.

Interactive displays are becoming increasingly popular allowing potential customers to shop and view shop windows from their mobile phones which is attractive to those with busy lifestyles.

Strategically placed digital signage is key

When a potential customer is in your store you don’t have much time to ensure that you capture their attention by using strategically placed in-store displays.

In-store displays need to display your product, have a focal point and highlight the products you want to sell the most of.

Digital signage is perfect for engaging your customers using augmented reality and motion displays.

Think about your in-store layout

It is vital to plan and think about your in-store layout to ensure you make the most of the space that you have. It is important that your store is easy and simple to navigate. If products are hard to find customers are likely to go elsewhere.

Ensure that your store environment is engaging and appealing:

  • Optimising lighting and décor and the music and sounds played within the store all help to create an atmosphere that will help to attract more people to purchase products from your store and therefore increase profits.

CJ retail have more help full tips and advice to ensure that you make the most of the footfall traffic to your store. Contact our experts today for more information and advice on how we can help you increase your sales.