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Mastering retail display maintenance – Secrets to increasing footfall and keeping customers in your shop

We are asked on many occasions on how retail business can increase footfall in their store in order to boost sales and in turn increase profit. Using some of the following tactics and tips will ultimately help in doing this

Enhance your store front and signage

Using clear signage that is eye catching will help to entice people to visit your store and in turn increase footfall. Using eye catching displays which change on a regular basis will help to showcase your products to customers and once you capture their attention they are more likely to enter your store.

You should also always make sure that your shop front is clean and well maintained, this will show your potential customers that you are professional and care about your products and their experience when coming to your store.

Any signage used should be clear and easy to understand and read using your company name and logo. If the signage is unclear it can put people off entering your store.

Use directional signs to guide customers to your entrance

Using the correct lighting is also a must as this will make your store front stand out to passers by therefore helping to increase the possibility of a higher footfall.

We also always recommend using seasonal decor as this makes your store look inviting and shows customers that you are welcoming and embracing the seasons. It is often little touches like this that make a big impact on your customers.

Not only is it important to enhance to store front signage and displays you will need to also think about your instore displays and signage when it comes to maintaining the increased footfall. Using eye catching and interactive displays help to achieve this. Digital signage and displays showcasing your products gain your customers attention and have been proven to help increase sales and in turn profits.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you increase your footfall using retail displays and maintenance then contact our experts today and we will be more than happy to assist you in increasing sales and profits.