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Digital POS

“Innovatively Supporting our People, our Projects and our Clients”

Tom | CJ Tech

Good enough is, quite simply, not good enough. We know that our people are the best there are, so by giving them the best tools possible we can deliver outstanding service to our clients. To meet this challenge we developed a pioneering in-house data-management system, POPsysPRO®.

The Digital Enigma

Digital signage can truly be an enigma. Today, it seems to be all around us in forms as diverse as interactive flat-panel displays, scaling up to digital signs the size of buildings, and, most recently, scaling down to smartphones and mobile devices we carry around with us. The concept is clouded by the overabundance of terms describing it: digital out of home (DooH), captive audience networks, in-store media, video advertising networks, narrowcasting, and audio visual signage, to name a few of the more popular references.

Regardless of what it’s called by the ever-expanding number of vendors and industry insiders, there’s one simple fact that we can all agree on: Digital signage can be an extremely effective and surprisingly affordable communication medium for business and institutions of all types and sizes.

The Digital Influence

With social media playing an increasingly important role in consumers’ lives – influencing, directing, even decision-making – and an ever-expanding reliance on online purchasing, it is vital that retailers maximise the consumer experience in-store and that brands tap into the connected customer’s propensity to undertake online research prior to making an offline purchase.

Indeed, research undertaken in 2013 by Deloitte Research showed that a customer who supplements in-store shopping with online product research can spend as much as 82% more per transaction.

It’s clearly time to prepare for Digital POS.

Endless opportunity…a clear strategy

Depending on your budget and your appetite, the opportunities for using digital POS to enhance the relationship with consumers are endless, and we’d be very happy to roam the blue skies with you discussing amazing ideas and creating practical solutions.

However, it’s perhaps wise to start with the basics, and with the premise that in the first instance Digital POS should be used to support the major benefits of shopping in-store, rather than online.

The Digital Advantage
The fundamental advantage of digital marketing is the ability to create versions of master content and show these on digital screens located in strategic parts of stores and at the same time push the content on mobile, web and the social media. This means you reach a greater audience and have the ability to change your marketing messaging any number of times and without any impact on print cost. Digital marketing allows you the flexibility to keep your marketing activities fresh and updated instantly.

These immediate advantages to Digital POS can be summarised as:

1. Convenience & Economies – Whilst there may be some upfront investment in hardware, the benefits in having a fixed display screen to which you can create and amend marketing messages at a touch of a mouse offers huge benefits to cost saving on not just print but the expense of installing and managing temporary fixtures and cardboard POS.

2. Compliance – With a Digital screen acting as your POS carrier you are virtually guaranteed 100% compliance across your retail estate. You know which screens are where and exactly what each screen is displaying at any point in time.

3. Immediacy – See the product. Buy the product. Take it home NOW! Digital POS can facilitate customer self-checkout and roaming check-outs throughout the store.

4. Service – Digital POS can assist, but not replace, human interaction. However, the immediacy of in-depth information, access to product reviews and rich digital content can only enhance the added value service offering

5. Experience – Digital POS can deliver a rich, multi-sensory experience. Image recognition, links to social media and even augmented reality will all enhance the brands appeal and fix its position in the mind, and heart, of the consumer.

The Digital Solution
Our One-Stop Solution
CJ Retail Solutions can offer you a complete one-stop solution for all your Digital POS requirements. There are five main areas to consider:

Our hardware solutions range from monitor and video screens, a PC unit to deliver the content, software and networking peripherals.

As industry leaders in all forms of retail display installation our nationwide teams of engineers are able to install temporary and permanent displays wherever and whenever required. Items such as frames, mounting brackets, stands, cabling and housing are all part of our stock holding enabling us to achieve the most professional, efficient and attractive installation solutions.

Service & Support
As with the more traditional POP displays, we offer full maintenance support for all Digital POS and software solutions. This can be on a proactive or reactive basis and on flexible contracts or ad hoc work to suit your requirements.

Content Creation & Deployment
Whether you create the content or require us to, we deploy a simple CMS solution to allow complete control over the information being displayed in real-time delivering genuine minute-by-minute marketing solutions.

Whilst the convenience, cost saving, real-time editing capabilities and environmental advantages to Digital POS are obvious, the massive advantage of this software is the data it can deliver on consumer behaviour and the interaction with the POS itself.

There are numerous ways in which we can analyse behaviour through this technology but the main areas can be segmented as follows:

Anonymous Video Analytics – this software can anonymously judge age/gender and engagement to the message. For instance, we can aggregate data on how many people look at the displays, how long they watch and their basic demographics. We can also look at the number of visitors passing by the screens.

Anonymous Radio Analytics – based on the transmission and reception of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals from smartphones, we are able to deliver information on the number of visitors to a store (versus total traffic past the door), repeating visitors, average spend in each area of the store and more.

Anonymous Tapping Analytics – these touchscreen applications allow customers to select and interact products that best suits their needs, with the data from this activity allowing retailers to improve their customer experience and react quickly to the product offering at the point of sale.