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The benefits of FSDU displays in retail

Keeping your advertising and marketing fresh and stylish is a must if you want to maintain the edge over your competitors. Attracting the attention of customers in-store with an eye-catching display is an obvious tactic retailers should adopt to maximise their offerings and entice customers. Free-standing display units or FSDUs as they are commonly known, offer retailers a great opportunity to showcase products. 

An FSDU can be a valuable marketing tool for your retail business or brand. They can be an attractive promotional tool to market a product or advertise a part of your business at functions, events or conferences. They are lightweight and cost-effective, so if you are thinking of implementing an FSDU display as part of your store, then read our blog to discover all the benefits they provide for retailers. 


What is an FSDU? 

FSDUs are primarily made from cardboard, or semi permanent material, meaning they are lightweight and adaptable in appearance and feel. They are incorporated as a POS or POP display, due to the nature of their usage. Their primary function is to combine product storage and advertising space together, confined within a practical framework that allows for both. The exterior of an FSDU is where advertising material like images and brand slogans can be found. This is effective for communicating a brand message clearly and explicitly to customers. Initially, it is this messaging that often draws the attention of a customer.


An FSDU display offers a great return on investment with affordable installation and construction costs. Comparing the long-lasting impact of potential profitability your FSDU will garner against the cost and is a great way to forecast just how impactful and beneficial to your store and brand they can be. 


What are the benefits for retailers?

A striking display within a store is a surefire way to captivate the attention of the average consumer. Even if they do not initially interact with the display, there is a likelihood that they may revisit that section of the store to interact with the display and product later in their shopping journey, or at a later date. Customers are five times more likely to interact with an FSDU, as opposed to an interaction with an in-aisle product. 


1.Improved aesthetic of your store

It is important to strike a good balance so your store is not over cluttered, but several FSDUs across a large store, such as a supermarket, can improve the overall look and feel of your store, with fanciful displays located throughout. Equally, a free standing display unit can condense offers and products into a smaller surface area, enabling you more space. 


2.Brand awareness

FSDUs play a vital role in solidifying a brand into the mind of a customer. Continuous messaging and use of logo, fonts and new products that are on offer are big wins in the minds of a consumer. For example, a leading brand may have a new product they are launching, so they have an FSDU located in a retail store to promote their new offering. Customers are able to recognise the branding and the new product, increasing sales for your store and raising awareness of the product and brand as a whole. 


3.The draw of attention 

Perhaps the biggest USP of the FSDU – the alternative look and obvious nature of an FSDU means they will always grab the attention of a customer. As such, the number of impulse buys increases and subsequently, this raises the number of sales. If you locate an FSDU next to a POS unit, you will increase the probability of an impulse purchase even further. Visibility is almost like a form of currency for brands. 


4.Adaptability and practicality

As FSDUs are easily assembled, you can be flexible with where you locate them across your store. Trial and error a few locations if you are not receiving the desired results initially, as some locations may have more footfall and gain more attention in your store. Sometimes, different products and brands work in different locations. For example, having a seasonal FSDU in the same location as a seasonal aisle will aid the traction needed for that product. 


FSDU displays with CJ Retail

In order to maximise your in-store offering, the installation of FSDUs should be carried out by a professional retail solutions company. 

CJ Retail Solutions have years of experience at delivering the very best in retail display installation. We have worked on many campaigns with global brands, and we can ensure your in-store retail experience is a cut above the rest. 

Contact us today to discuss your options, and a member of our friendly team will assist you with all the advice and information you need.