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The Global Challenges To Delivering Retail Solutions

Whilst the internet has undoubtedly made the global arena more accessible to businesses large and small, companies of any size can still face unforeseen challenges when rolling out a product or service globally.

Whether they are operational, political or otherwise, these obstacles can have a serious impact in ensuring full compliance to a client’s brief, especially when the project spans multiple locations across several different countries. Complex, multi-national assignments are second nature to CJ Retail Solutions.

With a global client portfolio which includes international brands such as L’Oreal, Audi and Samsung, we have delivered successful in-store retails solutions in over 90 countries. One of the biggest challenges when rolling out an international project is managing the logistical requirements.

Store installations involve the movement of a large volume of physical infrastructure that requires warehousing, storage and transportation in each country. This can be problematic, partly because with such a transient, short-term requirement, it can be hard to find a willing and cost-effective supplier, but also because in some countries, it is very difficult to source reliable and effective service providers. Indeed, it can sometimes be difficult to engage proficient suppliers within the UK to handle the complex logistical requirements of a multi-site store installation project.

Once the right suppliers have been identified for the right price, there is also the question of whether they can deliver according to the required, often very tight, time schedule. Once the logistical arrangements are in place, the challenges can continue. It is essential to ensure that the installation goods sent overseas are well packaged to minimise the potential for damage, however this can pose a problem when a consignment is passing through customs.

Stringent regulations in some countries can see customs officials inspecting all packages thoroughly, causing long delays and creating the need for repackaging once cleared. Whilst customs issues in first world countries tend to be limited to delays, in less well developed areas, the issue of government corruption can come into play. Extortionate customs charges are applied to goods received from businesses within affluent territories such as the UK and Western Europe, and companies can effectively be held to ransom, with no choice but to pay the inflated fees.

Complex, multinational projects clearly have their challenges, which is why it is key that an experienced team provides efficient project management to ensure deadlines, budgets and other key deliverables are met.