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Using Digital To Become A More Sustainable Retailer

It is now thought that more than 50% of consumers worldwide are choosing to make their purchases
from brands and companies that have a clear commitment to sustainability. Customers are choosing
sustainable retailers over others as an important consumer choice. Sustainability is much more than just saving energy and there are steps that you can take to help your business become more sustainable and therefore reach out to those consumers who feel this is important when choosing who to buy from.

Making your business more sustainable means that you can reach out to those who find this
important and attract and retain customers this way. Many brands and businesses are making a
conscious effort to improve sustainability and you can to with our help.

By choosing to use digital content for your in-house displays and advertising you will be able to show
that you are committed to reducing your carbon footprint. By utilising digital content for your
marketing, advertising and even receipting your business processes are more automated. Using
digital receipts also allows you to have a way into your customers mailboxes which in turn you can
use for further marketing and promotion material.

You can use digital in so many aspects of your advertising displays which will not only entice your
customers but also help to show them that you mean business when it comes to sustainability.

Digital product displays help to reduce excess use of materials that will in turn end up in landfill. Not
only are you helping the environment, but you will also save money in the long term and hopefully
increase your profits. Digital displays can be updated regularly, much more so than paper,
cardboard, or plastic advertising material.

More and more consumers are choosing to buy from sustainable and transparent businesses and
retailers. It is proven that consumers worldwide believe sustainability is one of the most important
factors when it comes to choosing who to make their purchases from.

If you would like to discuss how we can help your business become more sustainable then contact
one of our friendly team today and we will be happy to go through how we can work with you to
achieve this.