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What a retail merchandising service can offer

In spite of online shopping changing the landscape of consumerism, the resurgence of retail in the post-pandemic world calls for outside-the-box thinking by many retailers. To capture the attention of shoppers, retailers need to offer captivating in-store displays and experiences that entice consumers to engage with products. 

By partnering with an efficient retail merchandising service, you can maximise the chances of interaction with your product, and potentially secure a customer who now resonates and sticks with your brand forever. Let’s discover the importance of retail merchandisers and how they can help transform the retail offering for your brand. 


Retail merchandising – an overview

Traditionally, merchandising is about securing sales, but as retail has evolved, the power of communication and artistic expression in your marketing should span all aspects of your brand. Customers are wiser to marketing, and there are generational shifts in what matters to the tech-savvy customers of today. 

If your merchandising strategy works to good effect, then a customer may interact with your brand in other spaces, such as online. But what are the important things to consider when devising your retail merchandising strategy? Here’s a little more insight… 


Why is retail merchandising important?

As there is such competition with more brands than ever, it is imperative to solidify the appeal of your brand to customers by getting ahead of the curve. The premise is fairly simple – retail merchandising is deployed to help encourage customers to shop or purchase your product in-store. When used effectively, it increases the number of sales made by customers who may have had different intentions before they saw and interacted with an in-store display. 

Retail merchandising does all the above and more. The main aim is to organise merchandise in a display or format that appeals to the needs of customers, and inspires more sales as a result. This can be how the merchandise is arranged in store, the colours used in the display, how lighting and signage is arranged and fitted – there are so many factors to consider, all of which are pivotal to retail merchandising. 

The intent of shoppers means that merchandising has become even more crucial to the business prospects of your brand. Shoppers want in-store experiences and see them as a way of community. Therefore, when the display of merchandise is designed correctly, it can be super efficient, providing customers clarity and communicating the product in a way that shapes the decision-making of a shopper. 

By utilising the help of a retail merchandising service, they can help execute the strategy, considering things you may not have, such as what colours to use, the correct fonts, display layouts and signage installation. It is finite details such as those that help garner more attention and subsequent traction towards the desired products in-store. This is commonly referred to as visual merchandising, which will explore in detail. 


Visual merchandising in retail

There can be no retail merchandising strategy that is complete without considering visual merchandising. For retailers, the visual aspect is profound, as this is the first thing a shopper will see in-store, and that could go a long way towards impacting the behaviour of the consumer next along their purchasing journey. Consistency across visual elements is key, and aligning your in-store experience with connections to other channels, such as online, helps the reach of your brand and products. 

A good retail merchandising service can provide assistance with all aspects of visual merchandising, ensuring the visibility of your products and brands is arranged appropriately to maximise sales. Continuity provides a platform for customers to easily remember a product and access the product or brand using a different means. 

By making sure all bases are covered, this way, your store will always have a fresh feel and accommodate the needs and wants of customers during their shopping experience.  


CJ Retail Solutions – your go-to retail merchandising service

Now you’re fully aware of the importance of retail merchandising, perhaps now is the time to consult the experts for your brand? We have a wealth of knowledge and experience that we can provide, helping brands and clients from a variety of sectors, providing visibility for your brand and helping enhance the shopping experience for customers. 

From retailers to supermarkets and DIY stores, we can help transform brands and stores with our bespoke retail merchandising services. We cover everything from store-refits to seasonal range changes, so why not get in touch today and let us take your store to the next level. For a further in-depth look at our work, take a look at our brochure and check out all the retail solutions we provide.