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What are the uses of digital signage?

Digital signage displays content including information, videos, presentations, messages, and information using a digital screen. Digital signage is programmed and configured remotely.

Digital signage is eye catching and is an effective way of displaying information for many businesses.

Digital signage varies using different displays and devices depending on the purpose. Displays can include LCD, plasma, or more modern LED devices. Digital displays can be automated, interactive and dynamic. They can also use touch screen features. Digital displays can be on standalone TVs, mounted tablets, and consoles. There are so many options and variations it is a fantastic way or giving information to your customers.

Benefits of Digital Signage

There are many benefits of using digital signage lets look at some of them here;

  • Digital signage helps to advertise your business and promote your branding. Content can be interesting and interactive. Digital signage helps your customers interact which gives a much more long-lasting impression.
  • Product information can be advertised and displayed meaning that sales may increase as your product is getting viewed by more customers.
  • Transport companies benefit from using digital signage as it is updated remotely for information such as departures, arrivals, timetables, and delays. This reduces the amount of workforce needed as the display provides people with the information, they need rather than having to employ more staff to do this role.
  • Digital displays are used to provide information such as weather and pollen counts etc in towns and cities which is great for public information.
  • Traffic warnings can be displayed digitally to give public information or motorways and public roads.
  • Schools and universities use digital signage to provide information to students and visitors to help them in their day-to-day schedules.
  • Restaurants and hotels use digital signage for menus and booking information which means less staff are needed and customers can easily order what they require and find what they need making their experience more enjoyable.

There are so many fantastic opportunities and uses for digital signage it is no wonder the popularity of this fantastic method of advertising and information displaying is becoming more and more popular with all kinds of businesses and companies. From retail to hospitality to healthcare digital signage is more and more prominent.

If you have a digital signage requirement or want to find out more information on how it can be utilised within your business contact our friendly experts today.