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What types of digital signage are there?

Digital signage is increasing in popularity and expands the advertising and information prospects of many businesses in all different sectors and industries. Digital signage in simple terms is a passive system that pushes the content to an advanced system this connects and interacts and pulls content to show information in real time to your audience.

3 Areas of Digital Signage

Digital signage can be broken down into three areas which are;

  • Content – This is the video, images, graphics, audio, and text that is used within the digital signage to make a unique display of your business’s information.
  • Hardware – This is the physical component of the digital signage which includes, TVs, screens, mounts, printers, cameras, payment devices, tablets etc
  • Software – This is the digital infrastructure which is used for the digital signage which helps to create, deploy, manage, and report on the digital signage.

What types of digital signage are there?

  • Corporate signage – This allows meeting rooms to be booked, training information, knowledge sharing within businesses.
  • Public signage – This digital signage displays information to the public such as traffic information, news, weather, and road closure information.
  • Retail Display – product showcasing and advertising, self-checkouts, smart advertising.
  • Tourism – Points of interest information, city information and maps.
  • Sales signage – whiteboarding and product demonstrations.
  • Restaurants and hospitality – digital menus, self-ordering options
  • Marketing – promotions, special offers and ambience.
  • Education settings – exhibitions, teaching, maps, timetables
  • Tradeshows – interactive products and services information, catalogues, networking, and registration services.
  • Museums – Galleries, tours, and maps

The software used with digital signage is evolving and becoming more and more innovative and it will shape the future of digital signage, Technology is constantly progressing and the options for digital signage therefore are increasing. This helps businesses deliver unique experiences that allow customers to engage more and showcase products therefore increasing sales.

There are so many uses and options when it comes to digital signage. It is no wonder popularity is increasing for this brilliant tool. Contact us today to find out how to use digital signage within your business and how it can benefit you.