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Build it and they will come…

Getting POS installation experts involved early on in the process will help to ensure that the design of the stand is fit for the retail environment in which the product will be placed. As footfall levels at these launches are so high, the displays must be durable and replenished regularly.

We carried out a similar install for Grand Theft Auto V and one of the most important factors during the project was ensuring that the displays were stocked correctly, in a timely manner. During installs of this nature, 60 per cent of total sales happen within the first three days of the release so it’s imperative the timing must be right.

There’s also logistics to consider. Retail displays of this kind can consist of a multitude of different segments, all of which are often delivered separately to stores. By utilising just one central hub for each install, every part of the display can be delivered in one go and walked into store, reducing the risk of parts going missing on location.

However complex the POP installation is, a professional installer should always undertake it, especially on a nationwide install. Leaving the task to the retailer’s shop floor team can prove to be problematic and can had an adverse effect on compliance targets.

Once designed, delivered, constructed and merchandised correctly, it is important not to forget that display units can stay within a store for an extended period of time. Creating and adhering to a robust maintenance schedule will keep displays looking their best, and keep the tills ringing long beyond the initial launch.