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Electrifying the E-Car Market through Digital Signage

Of course, one of the main problems drivers may encounter is the lack of charge points, with leading statistics portal Zap Map estimating there to be 4,215 locations to charge your e-vehicle in the UK. This has steadily increased from the start of the year, but it still doesn’t seem a great deal in relation to the number of cars on the road. Compare this with petrol station figures, and the number is just over double this at 8,455.

All of that could be set to change however, as some of the world’s largest car manufacturers, including Volkswagen AG, BMW AG and Ford Motor Co, plan to set up a European network of charging stations to overhaul the current system and encourage widespread adoption of the e-vehicle.

Presumably, this will give ample opportunity for car dealers and brands to more widely showcase their e-offerings through digital POS marketing – video signage such as e-posters or interactive touch screens, which could be placed next to e-charging points.

Recently, we revealed that car dealerships are not utilising this kind of digital POS marketing technique to its full potential, in our in-depth automotive report. Digital signage has incredible potential to present a real wow factor to those in store. When car dealerships combine this with lighting, floor graphics and integrated digital displays, they create a stunning, professional environment that can really make the difference between a sale made and a sale lost.

E-charging points, if combined with digital signage, have the potential to extend the showroom significantly further than your average out-of-town location. We have already seen this to some extent with pop-up tents in shopping centres, engaging consumers as they pass by. The battle now is for car dealerships, brands and marketers to really get on board with the e-market revolution, and make use of the incredible sales potential available.