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Game, set & match – The key to winning with seasonal POS

Take Wimbledon for example, the annual tennis tournament that grips UK sports fans during a two-week period every summer. Not only is there potential for retailers to upsell branded merchandise, but also other items which are synonymous to SW19 – namely strawberry’s and cream and Pimms and lemonade.

The challenge for retailers is not getting shoppers through the door, but once in store, engaging these customers through creative seasonal POS and digital signage. Shoppers are habitual creatures, but done right, there’s a great opportunity here to drive additional sales.

Retailers are beginning to become savvy and take notice of changing seasonal collections with displays to match. Compliance is increasingly important and stores that do not follow good practice risk their brand equity and the possibility of disengaging with their customer base.

It’s vital that promotions are well contained and fit into the general make up of specific stores. There’s little point in creating an all singing and dancing POS, if it doesn’t fit in with how the store is currently presented. This could potentially cheapen the brand and have an adverse affect on shoppers.

Many of these promotional periods will overlap – summer holiday season, Father’s Day, major sporting events, and so on. In these circumstances, retailers and brands alike must ensure that whilst their focus is on capitalising on promoting a specific event, retail standards within the wider store are upheld and remain unaffected.

Providing retailers can get this right, and products are well stocked and presented in the right way, the seasonal calendar could be key to keeping the tills ringing year round.