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Is it possible to ensure brand consistency across the world?

Even major global retailers and brands can struggle with ensuring consistency; whether it be with their brand name, logo, messaging & strap-line and even their products.


Look at the hair removal brand formerly known as Immac. Immac has used several names in different countries; the ‘Veet’ name was established in 1922 in the UK. The name was used in some European countries, but was not used globally.

For example, while the product was sold as ‘Veet‘ in France, the product was sold in Canada and the United States as Neet until 2002, when the Veet name was first used commercially in those countries. The UK used Immac and saw a huge education piece needed to retain market-share when the re-naming was launched. Such brand inconsistencies may well affect sales and brand loyalty so achieving consistencies is vital.

As global travel becomes cheaper, easier and more “the norm” consumers expect to see the brands they recognise and love “at home” in the same packaging, with the same branding and messaging and displayed in a recognisable format wherever they see it. There are few cautionary tales better than Gap’s logo re-design problem when it comes to the importance of staying true to your brand.

When Gap changed their logo, they wanted to create a new, modern image. Unfortunately, customers had grown attached to the simple and classic Gap square. As a global brand, a dramatic logo change to be rolled out across the world, introduced to loyal customers was no easy feat and potentially damaging.

CJ Retail Solutions Global

At CJ Retail Solutions, we understand global cultures, language complexities and the importance of engaging with consumers through effective POS messaging, quality display installations and regular brand & product maintenance.

Our teams cover over 95 counties across the globe. We have been working in Canada, North America for over 2 years and have completed our first successful year of in-store marketing roll outs in South America. In addition to this, we have teams currently working in the Seychelles, Africa, Europe and Australia. No matter how far from our UK based head office, we continually deliver consistent and quality projects wherever in the world for major global brands and retailers.

With over 1,200 Project Managers we are “kings” at coverage, co-ordination and ensuring maximum compliance levels are achieved globally for brands.

We are currently out training teams in Colombia for a large project which launches next month. We ensure brand campaigns, launch and visibility are all kept consistent and controlled. Using a single global retail expert agency to manage and execute your in-store campaigns globally ensures total care and dedication to your brand or retail estate. One reporting system gives you consistent real time reports on the progress of your global campaign.

Expert, fully trained local teams have the cultural and language knowledge needed to communicate and execute your project to maximum compliance levels all managed by one global organisation. For more information on global roll-out projects, our teams and how we work – get in touch with our Global Team on [email protected]