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What is Field Marketing?

Field Marketing

What is field marketing? Field marketing is any form of advertising, promotion of customer research that takes place out “in the field”, or face-to-face with customers. It often happens in-store, but it can be on the street or any public place or event that your customers go to. Some typical field marketing operations include: Sample […]

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Report finds in store signage has significant impact on shopper confidence


More than 40% of UK shoppers have stopped visiting stores that have unclear in store signage on social distancing, according to the findings of a European study of 2,500+ shoppers.   As we all know, signage is a vital part of the in-store customer experience for many reasons. A study has found that more than […]

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Retail Trends for 2020

Retail Trends 2020

Disruption, Responsibility and Veganism – effects on POS and retail We’ve been saying (for what seems like many, many years) that one of the key upcoming retail trends will be a move towards enhancing engagement in store through digitalisation. The pace may be slower than first imagined, but its arrived with the increased introduction of […]

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Why Black Friday has turned grey…..

Black Friday

Remember when Black Friday first became “a thing” across the UK? 2010 felt a huge buzz radiating across retail, initiated by Amazon who sold shoppers the dream of massive discounts and deals available for one day only. Fast forward to 2019… TV adverts begin to mention the event in October, deals often start a month […]

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