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The benefits of FSDU displays in retail

The benefits of FSDU in retail I CJ Retail Solutions

Keeping your advertising and marketing fresh and stylish is a must if you want to maintain the edge over your competitors. Attracting the attention of customers in-store with an eye-catching display is an obvious tactic retailers should adopt to maximise their offerings and entice customers. Free-standing display units or FSDUs as they are commonly known, […]

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5 benefits of POS displays

Brands are using POS displays to maximise their visibility and customer offerings. Read our blog to find out the benefits they provide.

A Point of Sale (POS) Display is a marketing tool used by businesses to showcase products and promotions at the point of sale, typically located at the checkout counter or near the entrance of a store. This strategic placement helps to catch customers’ attention and encourages impulse purchases. The Benefits of a Point of Sale […]

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