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Going Interactive – Top POS tips for UK car dealerships

Despite this positive news, there is still huge sales potential to be had in car showrooms through the augmentation of POP merchandising and digital displays. This digital marketing tactic can enhance the overall customer experience and make the difference between a sale made and a sale lost.

In particular, we’ve seen growing evidence in recent years that consumers take more notice of digital displays and signage than more traditional forms of advertising. There’s stats to back this up too – a recent survey commissioned by FedEx Office revealed that nearly 76 per cent of consumers said they had entered a store or business they had never visited before based simply on its signage.

These statistics hint at the enormous potential car dealerships have to really get on board with new forms of technology. With this mind, we put together a few top tips for car dealers looking to revolutionise their showroom:

1. Revise waiting areas – These spaces by their very nature offer excellent dwell time. Consider investing in a tablet containing product information on models in your showroom, and hand this to visitors when they sit down. That way, they’ll be more perceptive to the idea of buying a car when the salesperson walks over, as they’ll already have a wealth of product information at their disposal.

2. Don’t forget the basics – Tying into the above, elements such as lighting and floor graphics can still go a long way to augmenting new technologies such as tablets and touch screens. Consider which type of lighting will show off your promotional motor of the month in the best way, and direct them to it with eye-catching floor stickers.

3. Extend the showroom – Don’t expect the sales process to begin and end at your doors. In recent years, pop-up showrooms have significantly increased in popularity in places such as shopping centres and even as far out as airports. Pop-up tents give customers the chance to find out more about a particular model without the pressure of a showroom environment.

4. Go interactive – While still useful, traditional forms of signage such as posters are beginning to tire on our eyes. Touch screens and tablets give the consumer accessibility and power of choice rather than being a passive mannequin to huge ‘buy me now’ billboard adverts.

5. Consider placement – It’s all-good and well having a lovely digital display, but knowing where to place this your showroom can lead to more receptive customers during the sales process. If in doubt, contact POS installation experts such as ourselves for professional advice.

By following the points above, car dealerships will be well on their way to making use of the incredible sales potential POS tools provide, further adding to a booming UK car market that looks set for another record-breaking year.