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Solutions Addicts!

Our name says it all…

Our team really do come to work each day with a positive approach to finding solutions whatever the in-store challenge may be. Whether its to reduce costs – increase time efficiencies, we always work towards delivering maximum compliance levels and highly successful in-store campaigns for our clients.                                                                    Budweiser takeover | POS Installation

We also find solutions within our business, for our staff to develop and ultimately provide a greater service for our clients.

With our own training academy and innovative online training systems, we ensure all staff are kept up to date with knowledge and skills through a variety of areas, for example, health & safety, project management, first aid and even resilience building!

Working the CJ Way

We are also focusing on ensuring a “Lean” culture throughout the business. The way our processes work internally will undoubtedly have positive impacts for our clients.  We are looking at every area through our business to ensure the best possible solutions are reached in the most efficient way, all staff are involved and are working together in “The CJ Way” of getting things done!

We love finding solutions… give us a try – what’s your retail challenge?