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The Importance of Stock Visibility

The Importance of Stock Visibility in Store


Have you ever wandered into your favourite shop, store or supermarket and the layout has completely changed?

Perhaps that suit or dress you were eyeing up in the window has completely disappeared to be replaced by a new mannequin design?

The above are all examples of retail merchandising and stock visibility, which refer to the various tactics that Retailers try out to drive sales for their brand.

It’s the link between the buyer and seller, and brands are constantly on the move when it comes to new ideas.

Stock visibility is a massive part of the sales process, not only helping the buyers locate their favourite items, but also for the staff to ensure stock levels are kept up, and to give brands the opportunity to cross sell.


Why is it so important to have good stock visibility?


By having good visibility, you are boosting the quality of your retail merchandising, and therefore more likely to engage with consumers and maximise sales.

Having low or even no stock can leave a lasting effect with a customer, forcing them to shop elsewhere or even losing their custom for good through a lack of trust in a brand or retailer.

If staff are confused by the layout of a store, then so will the customers. Store planners need to think carefully to ensure that not only are you utilising the full space of your shop, but you’re engaging the customers and keeping them happy in the process.

Providing a good shopping experience will only mean one thing, you’ll have more loyal customers who choose your brand, stay loyal and increase sales.


How can clever product placement drive sales?


Supermarkets are absolute experts at this, they know that the daily and fresh products are highly sought after, so you’ll rarely ever find them near the front of the store.

People always need milk and bread, so the supermarkets strategically make sure that those items are placed at the very back or corner of the shop.

That means that on your way to getting those items, you will pass pretty much every other aisle in the store, with offers galore.

That quick shop for bread and milk may quickly turn into a more expensive trip, buying items that you may not need or have intended to purchase.


How can bad stock visibility affect a brand?


There are no excuses for bad stock visibility, you will have a product that needs either bringing to the customer’s attention at the very start of their visual journey into the shop, or either at the very end.

Retail stores can be prone to bad stock visibility, mainly due to not changing their layouts often enough or considering external environments.

It may be 30 degrees outside in April, but you’ll find certain stores pushing big heavy coats and jumpers as you walk in, it doesn’t work, does it?

Unless there’s a heavily discounted sale on, you’d want your shorts, t-shirts and flip-flops at the very front of your store.

Many Retailers – Grocers, DIY stores, fashion outlets… usually employ expert retail installation companies that can manage display installation, maintenance, stock merchandising and POS/signage installation. Using an experienced Retail Installation company will also provide insight and data through store audits and surveys on the current state of the shop floor to aid with future planning and regular re-siting programmes, including updating window displays and stock movement activities. Achieving maximum compliance levels in-store usually provides a positive return on investment through maximised sales and fully engaged, loyal customers.

If you would like the help of experts when it comes to any of the above points, then get in touch with CJ Retail Solutions on 0800 009 4189 and we will be happy to provide more information.