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Why outsource retail merchandising?

Why outsource your retail merchandising processes?

Successful retailers understand the relationship between merchandising and sales, but not all of them feel the need to have an in-house merchandising team. How do they maximise footfall, interest and sales? They outsource their merchandising processes. Here are the advantages of keeping your retail business and its merchandising separate.

You can draw on their expertise

The most important benefit is that professional merchandising outfits necessarily have the experience and expertise to tackle any task. Standardised merchandising like shelving and displays come with all the perfection that is achieved through repetition. But when you want to push the boat out and create unusual or cutting-edge merchandising installations, the third-party supplier will already have the talent and the tech to get the job done professionally. There’s no on-the-job experimentation or feeling around in the dark.

Analysis and performance data

Part of the skill of a large merchandising operation happens before a shelf or lightbulb has been installed. It’s in the analysis of existing installations, customer behaviour and infrastructure in the locale that come together to build a fuller picture and arrive at optimised merchandising solutions.

Detailed auditing your existing or proposed retail location brings the finances into focus. Paired with precise performance forecasts that are tied directly into their known data on particular merchandising setups, you can ensure your refurb or new build are cost-effective, concentrated and profitable into the future.

Quick installation

No retailer needs upheaval in their store. Every square metre of floor space being rebuilt and updated means lost profits as the clock ticks and the calendar turns. Because professional merchandising installation businesses have the personnel, the expertise and the supply chains already in place, they can parachute whole teams into the store and perform complete or partial refurbishments in the minimum of time. 

Even with chains that have their own in-house merchandising teams, each store has to wait in line for the installers to come to them. That means three things: first, the stores at the back of the queue will remain outdated for longer; second, there will be inconsistent branding and customer experience over the various stores as the work progresses; and third, reactive promo rollouts will struggle to tie in with advertising campaigns and other marketing operations. Hiring a well-equipped external team eliminates all these issues.

No internal politics

As long as you have multiple decision-makers in an organisation, there’s bound to be conflicts of ideas and personality clashes. Marketing and merchandising are notorious for allowing strong characters with weak ideas to rise to dominance. 

When you hire a business that’s dedicated to merchandising, the analytics and the data are all accessible and able to be interpreted, so decision making becomes a much more scientific process. As well as helping to optimise the profitability of your retail space, it also keeps office politics to a minimum, and there’s no need to spell out the benefits of that.

Work with the experts

If you’re ready to bring in some external merchandising professionals to help you maximise retail profits and focus on your core business objectives, why not get in touch for a consultation? Have a look at some of our recent projects so you can get an idea of how we work and what results you can expect. Note also that we regularly work alongside in-house teams to provide bespoke merchandising services at various points along the process.