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Report finds in store signage has significant impact on shopper confidence

More than 40% of UK shoppers have stopped visiting stores that have unclear in store signage on social distancing, according to the findings of a European study of 2,500+ shoppers.


As we all know, signage is a vital part of the in-store customer experience for many reasons. A study has found that more than 80% of shoppers in the UK said they feel safer in shops with clear signage on social distancing, and 78% are more likely to shop in stores that have clear instructions on social distancing measures.


The findings also indicate that brands risk reputational damage from inadequate Covid-19 signage, with UK shoppers saying the number one emotional impact of poor signage is the feeling businesses are not taking their safety seriously enough (40%). Younger shoppers were found to be the most likely to be influenced by in-store signage. Shoppers between 16 to 34 years old are the most likely to have already stopped visiting shops with poor social distancing measures (54%).

80% of shoppers

 are more likely to visit shops where signage on social distancing is clear.

75% of shoppers

are looking at in-store signage more now than pre-pandemic.

40% of shoppers

 have stopped visiting stores with unclear signage on social distancing.


With a rapid increase in e-commerce sales, it is clear that bricks and mortar retailers need to do all they can to instill consumer confidence to remain competitive. Understandably, consumer confidence is almost at a record low – according to GfK Consumer Confidence Barometer. Something as simple as clear, engaging, in store signage offers an opportunity to drive an increase footfall and rebuild consumer confidence.


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Despite worrying consumer confidence statistics, it certainly is not all doom and gloom. Nielsen data shows that in the four weeks (ending 8 August 2020), Brits spent more on FMCG at UK supermarkets than during the same period last year, infact, sales made in-store were up by £20m. 


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